International Conference on Asia-Pacific Economic & Financial Development

Theme of the 2017 Conference:

Global Finance & Economics in Post-Globalisation

Changchun, China, June 23-25, 2017

  The Australian Economic Papers of Wiley Publishing is pleased to announce the forthcoming International Conference on Asia-Pacific Economic & Financial Development which will be held in Changchun City, China, from June 23-25, 2017. The Northeast Normal University of Changchun has generously agreed to host the conference.
The conference was organised after considering a number of submissions for AEP from the Asian Region. This annual high-level conference aims to provide a forum for academics, policy makers and practitioners to share their knowledge and expertise on economic and financial development in the Asia-Pacific region. With the growth of Asian Financial Markets as its main theme, it is hoped that the 2017 Conference will attract those with particular interests in the Asia-Pacific capital markets and financial integrations to make it an outstanding event benefiting people not only in regional countries but also other countries all over the world.
  The Conference will serve as an open and transnational collaborative platform for attendees to present their latest research and exchange ideas and information. A special feature of this conference will be a panel discussion session on promoting Asian research and publications. This session will be represented by a team of Managing Editors of internationally ranked refereed journals.
The Australian Economic Papers founded in 1965. With a strong reputation for publishing quality papers from leading international economists in an exceptionally wide range of topics, the journal has a high impact factor and has been recognised by the Australian Business Dean’s Council. Australian Economic Papers will release two special issues of the best publications presented at the conference. All the papers are subjected to an initial peer review.

  Economics School of the Northeast Normal University is proudly hosting the 2017 conference under the leadership of Professor Li Xiumin. The Northeast Normal University is located in the centre of Changchun City of China is convenient to access by air or by train. We sincerely hope you will have a memorable time and be richly rewarded from the conference and your visit to Changchun.


Asset Allocation/Sovereign Funds/Hedge Funds/ETFs/SWFs

Banking & Financial Services

Country Risk/Debt Issues/Insurance/Reinsurance

Crony Capitalism, Implications and Impacts, Governance/Executive Compensation

Derivatives/Financial Engineering

E-Business/E-Finance/M-Finance/Social Media and Financial Services

E-Learning-Education in Business-Finance – Best Practices

Entrepreneurship/Venture Capital

Emerging Markets

Ethics/Legal/Regulatory and Taxation Issues

Financial Technology & Financial Information Systems

Financial Crises and Bubbles: Causes/Impacts/Solutions

Financial Markets integration/Linkages/Segmentation

Foreign Currency Issues

Future of the Global Economy- Sustainable Finance/SRI/CSR

Climate Change & Economic and Financial Implications

Global Imbalances, Financial Crises, and Sustainability

Interest-Free Banking/Islamic Finance/Banking

IPOs/SEOS/Stock buybacks/Privatization

Market Behaviour Efficiency/Inefficiency

Mergers and Acquisitions/Corporate and State SWFs

Portfolio Flows and Foreign Direct Investment


World Population-Inequality, Aging, and other Challenges

International Trade

International Finance

Foreign Exchange Reserves

Regional Economics


Kevin DALY, Western Sydney University, Australia

Binh Tran-Nam, University of New South Wales

Sarath DELPACHITRA, University of Technology Sydney

Piyadasa EDIRISURIYA, Monash University, Australia

Zhongzhi HE, Brock University, Canada

Ariful HOQUE, Murdoch University, Australia

Xiumin LI, Economic School of Northeast Normal University

Haibo LIU, Economic School of Northeast Normal University

Jianzhou TENG, Economic School of Northeast Normal University

Abu WAHID, Tennessee State University, USA